First-Ever Direct Flight Between India and Cambodia Takes Off

First-Ever Direct Flight Between India and Cambodia Takes Off

Cambodia Angkor Air launches the first direct flight from Phnom Penh to New Delhi, enhancing travel opportunities and cultural exchange between India and Cambodia.

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The launch of the first-ever direct flight service between Phnom Penh and New Delhi has significantly enhanced the travel landscape between India and Cambodia.

Operated by Cambodia Angkor Air, Cambodia’s national airline, this new route will run four times a week, opening new avenues for tourism and cultural exchange.

Koy Kuong, Ambassador of the Royal Embassy of Cambodia to India, has high hopes for the new direct flight.

He believes this connectivity will increase tourism and boost medical tourism in India, potentially doubling the tourist flow between the two countries year-on-year.

According to an Economic Times report, the first three months of 2024 saw 20,000 Indian tourists visit Cambodia, a 25% increase from last year.

2023 around 69,000 Indian tourists visited Cambodia, up from 45,000 in 2021, though still below the pre-COVID figure of 75,000.

India is a popular destination for Cambodian tourists, especially for medical and religious tourism.

The new direct flight is expected to encourage more Cambodians to seek medical treatment in India and explore Buddhist sites in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

Ambassador Kuong also anticipates that the direct flight will inspire Cambodian tourists to explore other aspects of Indian tourism.

In an effort to boost tourism further, the tourism ministries of both countries have launched the inaugural ‘Cambodia-India Tourism Year’.

This initiative aims to strengthen the cultural and tourism ties between the two nations, encouraging citizens to explore their shared cultural heritage.

This historic direct flight service represents a significant milestone in the travel industry and opens up new opportunities for cultural exchange and economic growth between India and Cambodia.

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