Anupamaa Is Set To Start Her New Life With Anuj


Anupamaa is ready to begin her new life with Anuj and says goodbye to her former in-laws.

The recent episode of Anupamaa is full of drama as Anupamaa moves out of the house where she spent 27 years of her married life.

The wedding of Anupamaa is over now, Leela and Vanraj have joined the celebration, and now it is time for Anupamaa to say goodbye.

Leela suggests that the newly wedded couple should pray in front of Lord Krishna for a happy married life.

As the couple continues with the prayer, Anupamaa recalls her last marriage and past 27 years at the Shah Residence and breaks down.

She tells Hasmukh how her husband's home became her own home in the past years, and now it hurts to leave them more than it would ever hurt to leave her own maternal home.

Leela and Hasmukh console her, but they are all sad as their beloved daughter leaves their home.

It is Anupamaa's last day with the Shah family, and she asks everyone to write their farewell messages on her saree.

One by one, as everyone comes to write their messages, tears pour down as they recall their memories with Anupamaa.

As Leela writes about her fights with Anupamaa, Pakhi is beyond consolation seeing her mother leave.

Toshu and Samar are also heartbroken. Anupamaa and Anuj comfort the kids, but the loving and emotional sequence leaves us in awe of Anupama's family.

Kavya also thanked Anupama for everything she did for her and told her that she would miss her. Even Rakhi Dave wishes Anupamaa a good life.

When everyone has good things to say to Anupamaa and Anuj, Vanraj leaves everyone in shock with his message.

He refuses to write anything on Anupama's message when his turn comes.

To our surprise, he does write not because he does not want to wish Anupamaa well but because he does not want Anupama to have the memories of her ugly past with him.

Instead of writing anything, he gives Anuj and Anupamaa a small gift and wishes them a happy married life.

The newlyweds are touched by his gesture, and so are we. The tears are not over yet.

Anupama bids adieu to the most important person, her father-in-law, Hasmukh.

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