Neha Sargam On Mother's Day


Neha Sargam shares her view on motherhood.

"We do not need a specific day to appreciate our mothers."

"Instead, I believe every day should be celebrated as Mother's Day, and we should be grateful for her very existence in our life."

"My mother is the biggest inspiration in my life, and without her love and affection, I would not be the person I am today."

"A mother's love endures all, and this is what the viewers will get to see in Yashomati Maiyya Ke Nandlala as well."

Ace television actor Neha Sargam will soon be seen in the role of Yashoda in Sony Entertainment Television's upcoming mythological show, Yashomati Maiyaa ke Nandlala.

The show will focus on the mother-son bond between Yashoda and Kanha (Lord Shri Krishna).

The show exudes the beautiful feeling of a mother's endless love, and so far, it has been a joyous experience portraying Yashoda.

Neha Sargam further says, "It has brought about a sense of calm and warmth in me, and I have understood that a mother is always selfless and vulnerable when it comes to her child."

"Sometimes the strength of motherhood is more significant than natural laws, and hence mothers are the most precious gift God has created."

"I am honored to be a part of such a beautiful show that depicts the mother-son bond in the purest form."

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