Why Must Use Google Web Stories

Why Must Use Google Web Stories

Google Web Stories – Anything new usually takes time to adapt, and intelligent are those people or companies who adopt it soon.

There is a new buzz in the digital world about google web stories, and users are consuming this content like never before.

The big brand to small startups uses this way of storytelling to make their product or brand awareness.

The short video platform first brought this trend of telling a story, and users loved it because nobody had time to watch the extended content.

Google Web Stories

Later the trend was adopted by TikTok and other similar platforms. If most users were turning towards short video platforms, how come the tech giants like Google and Facebook can behind?

Google and Facebook rolled out short video options in their respective products like YouTube, Facebook Pages, and Instagram.

With the help of google’s, the Google Discover app launched Google Web Stories, a short video or slide content viewing platform.

On the other hand, Google has already created the Google Discover app and partnered with news publishers, and most users have already begun to consume the content.

Hence, google web stories got the place to reside under the same discover the app, which is one of the smart moves by google. However, why you must use Google Web Stories?

Engages The Users

The first reason small businesses, startups, or big brands use the google web stories is that this technology engages the user with the content by taping on it.

High Chance Of Conversion

If the story or slide is what the publisher or the company is creating, if it is engaging enough to take until the last slide, there is a 90% chance of a conversion.

Trending On The Web

People have lost patience, and watching long videos are slowly becoming an old-school thing. Everything users want on the go, and Google Web Stories fills this gap.

Easily Editable

To the publisher or companies, google web stories are advantages in updating. For example, suppose you have created a video and published it. Then, after a few days, your products are updated with some extra features. But, unfortunately, you cannot add extra content to the videos published on the web. With the help of Google Web Stories, you can edit the slide without losing the links and the ranking.


Here are some examples of Google Web Stories created by leading publishers such as THOUSIF Inc.

  1. 10 Small Tactics To Save Lot Money
  2. 15 People Show What Happens When Puberty Hits
  3. How 12 Sports Legends Changed Throughout
  4. A Look At The Last 12 Months In Pictures
  5. 10 Richest Women Of India
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