Yoga Asanas To Boost Immunity For Indian Adult's Body

Yoga Asanas To Boost Immunity For Indian Adult’s Body

From Dandasana to Virbhadrasana, here are four yoga asanas that older adults should regularly perform to boost the body’s immunity and lead a healthier life.

With age, the immunity of the body starts to decline. That is when we get more prone to infections and other diseases.

Chronic illnesses also follow and creep into the bodies. 

So it is essential to start focusing on building the body’s immunity, especially for older adults, through a range of lifestyle changes. 

From walking in the morning to including more nutrition in the diet to dedicating time for fitness, a range of changes should be made to stay fit, healthy, and strong enough to fight diseases and lead a happy life.

Yoga expert says: “Yoga is a guaranteed method to help you boost your immune system and provide a protective shield from any illness or other problems related to your health.”

“Throughout the world, Yoga is seen as the best way to keep ourselves safe from viruses like covid.”

“Practice Yoga postures like below, as a great way to improve your overall health.”

“To enhance your immunity, which may otherwise get compromised.” 

Yoga Asanas

Here are the four yoga asanas that will help boost the body’s immunity.


Dandasana: Also known as the staff pose, Dandasana helps in stretching and activating the hamstrings, calves, and overall legs, thereby correcting the alignment of the back spine.

However, longer practice durations of Dandasana should be avoided.


Paadhastasana: This yoga asana helps impact and stimulate the abdomen and the surrounding organs, which further helps build strong immunity. 

It also helps in better blood circulation in the brain. 

Paadhastasana helps in reducing anxiety, insomnia, and fatigue as well.


Samkonasana: This yoga asana helps in strengthening and lengthening the back spine. 

It also helps in boosting blood circulation throughout the body. 

However, pregnant women and practitioners with joint pains or with symptoms of headaches should avoid practicing this yoga asana for a long duration.


Virabhadrasana: Besides enhancing the balance of the body, Virabhadrasana also helps in stretching the hips, groins, thighs, and shoulders.

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