Flight AI173D Successfully Arrives in San Francisco

Air India Flight AI173D Successfully Arrives in San Francisco

San Francisco, June 8, 2023 (Local Time) – Flight AI173D, operated by Air India, has touched down safely at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) after its journey from Magadan (GDX). 

The plane landed at 0007 hours, marking the successful completion of the flight.

Air India is committed to ensuring the comfort and well-being of all its passengers. 

In line with this commitment, the airline is providing extensive support to the passengers of AI173D. 

Passengers receive maximum assistance with the necessary clearance formalities and are offered additional support.

Air India would like to thank the various government agencies, regulatory authorities, dedicated staff, and partners involved in making this endeavor possible. 

Their invaluable assistance has contributed to the swift and efficient transportation of passengers from Magadan to San Francisco. 

Additionally, the airline recognizes its efforts in providing care and support to the passengers during their wait in Magadan, Russia.

The successful arrival of AI173D in San Francisco marks another milestone in Air India’s ongoing mission to prioritize passenger safety and satisfaction. 

The airline remains dedicated to delivering exceptional service and ensuring the well-being of its passengers on every journey.

Passengers aboard AI173D can now disembark and continue their travel plans or enjoy their stay in San Francisco. 

Air India wishes all passengers a pleasant stay and a safe onward journey.

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