Experience the Musical Magic of the 'Bekitta Bekitta' Song from the movie Raju James Bond

Experience the Musical Magic of the ‘Bekitta Bekitta’ Song from the movie Raju James Bond

Prepare to be mesmerized by the enchanting melodies of the Bekitta Bekitta Song, featured in the highly anticipated movie “Raju James Bond“! 

With the soulful vocals of Anthony Dassan and the captivating composition by J Anoop Seelin, this song promises to be a musical masterpiece. 

Directed by Deepak Madhuvanahalli and produced by Manjunath Vishwakarma and Kiran Bharthur, the film boasts a talented ensemble cast, including GurunandanMrudula, and Ravishankar.

Take advantage of this musical delight that will captivate your senses!

Bekitta Bekitta

Spellbinding Music and Talented Artists:

The musical genius behind the song “Bekitta Bekitta” is J Anoop Seelin, who has composed an enchanting melody that resonates with listeners. The heartfelt and soul-stirring vocals are provided by the talented singer Anthony Dassan

The song’s lyrics, penned by Deepak Madhuvanahalli, add depth and meaning to the composition.

The song has been meticulously crafted, with the programming skillfully handled by T Raviraj

The instrumental accompaniments, including the sax flute, duduk, and flutes, were expertly played by Sandeep Vasishta

The violin melodies were brought to life by Narayan Sharma

B R Naveen Kumar mixed and mastered the composition from D F Tech at the Mixing in the Box studio in Bengaluru, ensuring a top-notch audio experience.

Exciting Movie Details

Raju James Bond” is a highly anticipated film that promises entertainment and excitement. 

Produced under the banner of Karma Bro’s Production, the movie brings together a talented cast, including GurunandanMrudulaRavishankarSadhu KokilaAchyuth KumarChikkannaJai JagdishTabla NaniManjunath Hegde, and Vijay Chendur.

Deepak Madhuvanahalli skillfully directed the film, weaving a captivating story to keep audiences on the edge of their seats. 

The Director of Photography (DOP)Manohar Joshi, has beautifully captured the visuals, adding depth and vibrancy to the movie.

In addition to the mesmerizing music, the film features talented individuals behind the scenes. 

Amith Jawalkar is the editor responsible for shaping the narrative, while Murali Master‘s choreography adds flair and energy to the song sequences. 

GB Siddu‘s still photography captures the essence of the film, and Yatish and Sushma Bakale bring their expertise to create stunning makeup looks. 

The costumes, designed by Shloka Sudhakar and Sachina Heggar, add character and style to the actors. 

The stunt sequences in the film are choreographed by Mass Madha, ensuring thrilling action sequences that will leave audiences in awe.

Other crucial contributors to the film include Unifi Media for the digital intermediate (DI) work and the Public Relations Officers Nagendra and Sudhindra Venkatesh

Mohan B Kere‘s art direction sets the stage for the movie, creating immersive and visually captivating environments.


The Bekitta Bekitta Lyrical Video Song from “Raju James Bond” showcases the talent of Anthony Dassan and J Anoop Seelin, delivering a musical experience that will touch the hearts of audiences. 

With its impressive cast, visionary director, and skilled crew members, this movie promises an unforgettable cinematic journey. 

So, do not miss out on the opportunity to be a part of the magic—hit that play button and let the music transport you to a world of emotions and excitement!

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