General Electric and HAL Join Forces to Produce Fighter Jet Engines for Indian Air Force

General Electric and HAL Join Forces to Produce Fighter Jet Engines for Indian Air Force

General Electric and HAL have signed an MoU to co-produce fighter jet engines for the Indian Air Force. The partnership aims to enhance India’s defense capabilities and promote indigenous manufacturing.


General Electric (GE) Aerospace, a subsidiary of General Electric, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) to co-produce F414 engines in India. 

This collaboration aims to equip the indigenous Tejas fighter aircraft with these advanced engines. 

The announcement comes as Prime Minister Narendra Modi continues his state visit to the United States, further strengthening the ties between India and the US in the aerospace sector.

Co-Production of F414 Engines

Under the newly formed agreement, General Electric Aerospace will collaborate with HAL to manufacture the F414 engines in India. 

These engines are renowned for their exceptional performance and will power the Tejas fighter aircraft, enhancing its capabilities and combat readiness. 

This partnership reflects the commitment of both companies to promote indigenous manufacturing and technological advancements in the defense sector.

The Significance of the Partnership

The decision to co-produce the F414 engines in India is a significant step toward bolstering the country’s self-reliance in defense manufacturing. 

By leveraging General Electric’s expertise and HAL’s manufacturing capabilities, India aims to reduce its dependency on imports for crucial defense equipment. 

This collaboration aligns with the government’s “Make in India” initiative, which aims to enhance domestic production and boost India’s defense capabilities.

Prime Minister Modi’s Visit to the United States

The announcement by General Electric Aerospace follows Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s meetings with prominent American business leaders, including H. Lawrence Culp Jr., Chairman and CEO of General Electric and CEO of General Electric Aerospace. 

These meetings focused on strengthening bilateral economic ties between the two nations, particularly in the aerospace and defense sectors. 

During the visit, the signing of the MoU highlights the positive trajectory of India-US relations and the growing cooperation in defense technology.

Boosting India’s Indigenous Defense Capabilities

The collaboration between General Electric and HAL will facilitate the production of F414 engines and enhance India’s overall defense capabilities. 

By promoting local manufacturing and technology transfer, India can develop advanced defense systems and reduce its reliance on imports. 

This partnership serves as a testament to the commitment of both companies to support India’s defense modernization efforts.


The agreement between General Electric Aerospace and HAL to co-produce F414 engines marks a significant milestone in India’s journey toward self-reliance in defense manufacturing. 

This collaboration will contribute to the growth of the indigenous aerospace industry and strengthen India’s defense capabilities. 

The partnership reflects the shared commitment of General Electric and HAL to promote innovation, technology transfer, and strategic cooperation in the defense sector. 

With this collaboration, India takes another step forward in its pursuit of becoming a global hub for defense manufacturing.

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