Indian Army Thwarts Infiltration Attempt Along Line of Control, Denies Surgical Strike Rumors

Indian Army Thwarts Infiltration Attempt Along Line of Control, Denies Surgical Strike Rumors

Indian Army denies surgical strike in Pakistan amidst rumors, confirms successful thwarting of infiltration attempt along Line of Control. Swift response based on intelligence inputs leads to significant recovery.

In a recent development, the Indian Army and the Government have refuted claims of a surgical strike in Pakistan while confirming the prevention of infiltration attempts along the Line of Control (LoC) in the Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir’s Balakote sector.

Dispelling Rumors

Responding to swirling rumors, both the Indian Army and the Government have categorically denied any occurrence of a surgical strike in Pakistan. These refutations follow reports circulated by a regional newspaper, which cited unnamed sources alleging a surgical strike by the Indian Army in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. The Press Information Bureau (PIB) has conducted a ‘fact check’ and labeled the related news reports as false.

Foiled Infiltration Attempt

Contrary to the surgical strike claims, what did transpire was a significant interception along the Line of Control. The encounter involved thwarting an infiltration attempt by terrorists trying to breach the LoC. Two terrorists were engaged in a confrontation with Indian forces as they attempted to cross over. The engagement resulted in the shooting of the two terrorists, causing blood trails to be discernible from the Indian side of the LoC leading toward Pakistan’s territory.

Challenges Faced

Challenging conditions facilitated the attempt at infiltrating the border. Factors such as inclement weather, dense fog, thick foliage, and uneven terrain in the Hamirpur area of the Balakote sector were cited as reasons that allowed the terrorists to attempt the infiltration.

Recoveries and Intelligence Inputs

While the fate of the terrorists remains uncertain, the Indian Army has managed to retrieve a significant amount of evidence. Among the items recovered are an AK-47 rifle, two magazines, 30 rounds of ammunition, two hand grenades, and medicine strips with imprints suggesting ties to Pakistan.

Swift Response Based on Intelligence Inputs

The successful interception can be attributed to the timely intelligence inputs from multiple intelligence agencies and the Jammu and Kashmir Police. These inputs indicated the presence of terrorists awaiting an opportunity to cross the LoC from the Balakote sector. Acting on these crucial pieces of information, the Indian Army heightened its surveillance and positioned multiple ambushes at strategic locations along the LoC.


In conclusion, while dispelling rumors of a surgical strike, the Indian Army and Government have demonstrated their commitment to maintaining the security and integrity of the nation’s borders. The recent interception along the Line of Control is a testament to their vigilance and preparedness in the face of potential threats.

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