Indian Immunologicals Aims for Dengue Vaccine Launch by January 2026

Indian Immunologicals Aims for Dengue Vaccine Launch by January 2026

Indian Immunologicals aims to launch its dengue vaccine by Jan 2026 with successful early-stage trials. Collaborating with NIH, the vaccine targets a critical need in India’s public health.

In a significant stride towards combating dengue fever, Indian Immunologicals Limited (IIL) is actively developing a dengue vaccine, with plans to make it available by January 2026. The race to create India’s inaugural dengue vaccine is gaining momentum, and IIL is a prominent player in this pursuit.

Partnership with NIH for Vital Virus Strain

Collaborating with the United States-based National Institute of Health (NIH), IIL has obtained the crucial virus strain for crafting the vaccine. This virus strain is a key component in the vaccine’s development process.

Dengue Fever: A Growing Health Challenge in India

Dengue fever, transmitted through mosquito bites, has increasingly become a pressing public health issue in India. Disturbingly, between January and July 31, 2023, the country reported 31,464 dengue infections and 36 related fatalities. While the pandemic initially led to a reduction in its prevalence, statistics reveal a staggering 333% surge in cases from 2020 to 2021, followed by a 21% rise from 2021 to 2022. The National Center for Vector Borne Diseases Control has been monitoring these trends.

Positive Early-Stage Trials

Managing Director of IIL, K. Anand Kumar, shared that the initial trials of the vaccine, involving about 90 participants aged 18 to 50, exhibited no harmful effects. These Phase 1 trials serve the purpose of assessing the vaccine’s safety and its preliminary effectiveness.

“We are close to wrapping up the Phase 1 trials and will proceed to the subsequent stages. This comprehensive process is anticipated to span two to three years, ultimately targeting the commercial launch of the vaccine in January 2026,” Kumar confirmed.

Parallel Efforts by Other Companies

While IIL is at the forefront of developing a dengue vaccine, it is not alone in this endeavor. Two other prominent Indian companies, namely Serum Institute of India and Panacea Biotec, are also dedicated to creating vaccines to combat dengue.

IIL’s Established Contributions and Future Prospects

IIL, headquartered in Hyderabad, has made substantial contributions globally by exporting vaccines for humans and animals to over 50 countries. Their specialization lies in manufacturing rabies vaccines, which account for around 35% of their total sales revenue. The company envisions achieving a total revenue of 13 billion rupees in the fiscal year 2023-2024.

The ongoing efforts to develop an effective dengue vaccine are a significant milestone in addressing this challenging disease. While the timeline set by IIL for the vaccine’s launch in January 2026 is ambitious, it is an achievable goal that underscores the importance of persistent research and development in safeguarding public health.

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