Meet Noida's Startup Superstar Saumya Singh Rathore

Meet Noida’s Startup Superstar: Saumya Singh Rathore

Discover Saumya Singh Rathore’s journey from a UK student to Noida’s richest woman and founder of the successful WinZO app. Be inspired by her meteoric rise in India’s startup scene.

Hey there, readers! Today, I have an exciting story to share. It is all about Saumya Singh Rathore, Noida’s richest woman. If you have not heard her name, buckle up because her story is inspiring and interesting.

Who Is Saumya Singh Rathore?

Saumya is a 35-year-old business dynamo. She recently got a mention in a fancy list by Kotak Private Banking Hurun – a list of really rich and successful women in India. And guess what? She is the only name from Noida on it!

A Rocket-like Rise in Business

Now, the cool part is how quickly Saumya climbed the ladder of success. In just three years, she took her company, WinZO, from being a fresh idea to a whopping $366 million valuation (over Rs 3000 crore!). Her net worth? A cool Rs 520 crore. She has some serious titles under her belt, too – like the 5th richest woman in the startup world and the 16th richest Indian woman under 40. Go, Saumya!

What is the Buzz About WinZO?

All right, let us talk about her company for a second. Saumya and her buddy, Paavan Nanda, created WinZO. It is a fun social gaming app where players can earn money. Moreover, do you know what boosted their brand big time? An endorsement from cricket superstar MS Dhoni. They even partnered with an IPL team, the Kolkata Knight Rider (KKR). That is like hitting a business home run!

Before The Big Success

A fun fact: Saumya is more than just a business genius. She is also super smart academically. She studied psychology in the UK at the University of Manchester. Before the whole WinZO adventure, she was doing her thing at KPMG in London, and later, she played key roles at two cool startups in India, Zo Rooms and Zostel.

To wrap things up, Saumya Singh Rathore’s journey from a student in the UK to Noida’s richest woman is the kind of story that gives us all a bit of hope and much motivation. Who knows? In a few years, I will write about one of you here. Keep dreaming big!

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