Ram Charan at the US talk show Good Morning America

Ram Charan at the US talk show Good Morning America

Ram Charan, the popular Indian film actor, was recently invited to appear as a guest on the world-renowned TV show Good Morning America.

During the program, he shared his thoughts on various topics, from his latest blockbuster movie, RRR, to his personal life.

One of the show’s hosts, Gynecologist Jennifer Aston, asked Ram Charan whether he feared becoming a new father.

In response, he said that before planning for children, he spent much time with his wife, Upasana.

However, since becoming a father, he has found it challenging to manage his busy schedule and spend time with his wife.

Ram Charan also revealed that his wife Upasana would join him in America, and he was excited to meet Jennifer Aston again.

He even hinted at the possibility of meeting her along with his wife.

During his appearance on the show, Ram Charan also spoke about his co-star in RRR, Tarak, and their close friendship.

The movie, directed by Rajamouli, has received international acclaim, including the Golden Globe Award for the song Natu Natu and the Critics’ Choice Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

RRR has also been nominated for an Oscar in the Best Original Song category, further cementing its place as a masterpiece of the Tollywood film industry.

Many have praised Rajamouli’s talent for making the movie stand out in Indian cinema.

Ram Charan’s appearance on Good Morning America has been seen as a significant achievement, further elevating the profile of Tollywood on the world stage.

Overall, it was a moment of pride for Indian cinema, and fans of Ram Charan and RRR can look forward to more such achievements in the future.

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