Saima Nikhat Muslim Girl from Marathwada Appointed as Judge After Acing Judicial Magistrate Exam in Urdu Medium

Saima Nikhat Muslim Girl from Marathwada Appointed as Judge After Acing Judicial Magistrate Exam in Urdu Medium

Maharashtra: In a testament to the power of hard work, dedication, and perseverance, Saima Nikhat, a young Muslim woman from Marathwada, Maharashtra, has defied all odds to be appointed as a judge. 

Saima Nikhat

She recently passed the Judicial Magistrate First Class Exam on her first attempt, taking the test through the Urdu medium.

Hailing from Nanded, Saima Nikhat demonstrated that no challenge is too great when one has a strong will and an unwavering enthusiasm for progress. 

She was one of the four Muslim candidates, including two women and two men, who passed the Maharashtra Public Service Commission exam.

Nikhat’s achievement also dispels the myth that an Urdu-medium education holds students back. 

Today, she stands proud as the only Muslim woman from Marathwada appointed to the position of Judge. 

Her success results from the unwavering support from her father, Sheikh Abdul Sattar, a bailiff at the Beloli Sessions Court in Nanded. 

Despite his modest income, Sattar ensured all his children received a high-quality education.

Saima, who has always been an exceptional student, completed her matriculation from Yusufiya High School in Nanded with an impressive 85% score. 

She then pursued a diploma in medical electronics at the Government Polytechnic, followed by an engineering degree in electronics, where she achieved an 83% score.

Undeterred by her family’s financial constraints, Saima enrolled at the Narayan Rao Law College in her city, where she graduated with a law degree and a remarkable 95% average. 

She completed her post-graduate work, or LLM, before applying for the Judicial Commission Exams, which she passed on her first attempt.

Saima Nikhat’s story is truly inspiring and is an exemplary beacon of hope for others, particularly those who receive their education in Urdu. 

Her journey proves that with unwavering determination, dedication, and the right support, anyone can achieve great heights, regardless of their medium of instruction or background.

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