Sir Movie Review Dhanush Shines in a Routine Story

Sir Movie Review: Dhanush Shines in a Routine Story

The recently released movie ‘Sir‘ directed by Venky Atluri, tells the story of how education has turned into a business.

The plot is familiar as it has been explored earlier in movies like Shankar’s ‘Gentleman’ 30 years ago.

The film aims to convey the message that education should be given with entertainment rather than boring classes.

Although the movie has some brilliant scenes and dialogues, the overall execution could be better.

According to the audience, the film needs to meet expectations.

Even though the movie’s subject is good, the way it was shot is not up to the mark.

Some scenes are predictable, and the screenplay is routine.

However, Dhanush‘s acting stands out as the major plus point of the movie.

He has carried the film on his shoulders from start to finish and turned a routine story into an engaging one with his performance.

Despite its flaws, ‘Sir’ is an honest attempt to tell a relevant story, and it remains to be seen whether it will resonate with the current generation.

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