Air India Flight AI 175 Faces Unexpected Hurdle

Air India Flight AI 175 Faces Unexpected Hurdle

Air India remains silent on the technical issue faced by flight AI 175 on its Bengaluru to San Francisco route, which necessitated a diversion to Anchorage, Alaska, causing a four-hour delay.

Bengaluru to San Francisco Journey

On the morning of September 11, 2023, passengers aboard the Air India flight en route from Bengaluru to San Francisco encountered an unexpected delay. The flight, known as AI 175, was forced to divert its course due to a technical glitch that arose mid-journey.

Emergency Landing in Anchorage

As a precautionary measure, the pilot decided to make an emergency landing in Anchorage, Alaska, a well-equipped city to handle such situations. The B777 aircraft, carrying over 280 passengers, landed safely, avoiding any potential mishap.

Technical Issue Resolved

The technical team at Anchorage airport swung into action promptly, ensuring the issue was resolved swiftly. After a meticulous check and necessary repairs, the flight was deemed fit to resume its journey. The passengers, although delayed, were assured of their safety and the readiness of the aircraft to continue its journey to the intended destination.

Arrival at San Francisco

Despite the unforeseen hiccup, flight AI 175 managed to land at the San Francisco airport after a delay of about four hours. The usual flight time for this route is approximately 16 hours, making this a significant delay in the passengers’ travel plans.

Awaiting Official Statement

As the passengers disembarked, there was a noticeable absence of an official statement from Air India addressing the incident. As of the time the report was published, the airline had not provided any details regarding the nature of the technical issue or any further developments. Passengers and the public eagerly await an official communication to understand the full scope of the incident.


In the world of aviation, safety comes first. The quick thinking of the flight crew and the ground staff at Anchorage ensured that all the passengers remained safe. While the delay was unfortunate, it was a necessary step to guarantee the well-being of all on board. Air India will soon release a statement clarifying the incident, reaffirming their commitment to passenger safety.

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