Karnataka Introduces Swawalambi Sarathi Scheme 2023 for Taxi, Goods Vehicles, and Passenger Autorickshaws

Karnataka Introduces “Swawalambi Sarathi Scheme 2023” for Taxi, Goods Vehicles, and Passenger Autorickshaws

Karnataka launched the Swawalambi Sarathi Scheme 2023, offering financial incentives for minorities purchasing taxis, autorickshaws, and goods vehicles.

Bengaluru: In an ambitious move to uplift the state’s minority communities, the Karnataka government has unveiled the Karnataka Swawalambi Sarathi Scheme 2023. This initiative promises substantial financial incentives for those keen on purchasing passenger autorickshaws, goods vehicles, or taxis.

About the Scheme

Under the banner of the corporation and in alliance with nationalized and scheduled banks, the scheme aims to bridge the financial gap for potential vehicle owners.

Eligibility and Benefits

  • Eligible beneficiaries who secure loans from partnered banks can get a subsidy covering 50% of the vehicle’s value, capped at Rs. 3.00 Lakhs.
  • In a step towards gender inclusivity, women applicants are to be given primary consideration.
  • Once a vehicle is purchased under this scheme, beneficiaries are strictly prohibited from selling it during the loan’s term.
  • The beneficiary will provide compliance details regarding road tax and insurance to the KMDC District Office, supplemented with appropriate documents.
  • The scheme also mandates that details must be shared with the corporation in case of any insurance claims.
  • Beneficiaries should contribute 10% towards the vehicle’s cost.
  • To create awareness and ensure authenticity, every vehicle bought under the scheme should visibly bear the tag: “Subsidised by KMDC.”

Who Can Apply?

Prospective applicants need to meet several criteria:

  • They must belong to the State Religious Minority Community and permanently reside in Karnataka.
  • The age bracket is set between 18 to 55 years.
  • The overall family income should remain under Rs. 4.50 lakh annually.
  • The scheme excludes those with a family member working in the State/Central Government or any Public Sector Units.
  • Possession of a valid driving license is compulsory.
  • Previous beneficiaries of any state government vehicle loan schemes are ineligible.
  • A clean loan record with KMDC is a must.

Documentation Process

The application process remains straightforward, requiring:

  • An online application.
  • Two passport-sized photographs.
  • Valid caste and income proofs.
  • Aadhaar card and driving license copies.
  • Two affidavits: one stating no previous benefits from similar state schemes and another ensuring non-transfer of the newly acquired vehicle during the loan duration.

Scheme Oversight and Selection Panel

The government has put together a robust committee to oversee the application process:

  • Chairman: District’s Deputy Commissioner
  • Vice-Chairman: CEO of the Zilla Panchayat
  • Members: District’s Lead Bank Manager, the District Regional Transport Officer, the District Officer from the Department of Minority Welfare, and KMDC’s District Manager, who doubles as the Member Secretary.

With the Karnataka Swawalambi Sarathi Scheme 2023, the state government has reiterated its commitment to ensuring more equitable opportunities for all, emphasizing minority communities and women.

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