BJP Leaders in Telangana Seek Boost from Amit Shah's Visit Amidst Electoral Setbacks

BJP Leaders in Telangana Seek Boost from Amit Shah’s Visit Amidst Electoral Setbacks

In the aftermath of their disappointing performance in the recent Karnataka Assembly elections and concerns about its implications for the upcoming Telangana polls, Telangana’s BJP leaders eagerly anticipate the visit of Union Home Minister Amit Shah to the state on June 15. 

Shah’s presence is expected to motivate party workers and lift the sagging morale following the setback in Karnataka while preparing the party for the Telangana Assembly elections scheduled for November-December.

Large Turnout Expected at Amit Shah’s Public Meeting in Khammam

Amit Shah is scheduled to address a public meeting in Khammam, and the BJP has made extensive arrangements to mobilize a gathering of at least one lakh people. 

This event aims to invigorate the party cadre and reenergize their spirit as they prepare for the crucial Telangana polls.

Internal Strife and Leadership Concerns within the BJP

Amidst internal discord within the BJP and demands a change in the state leadership, Amit Shah’s visit takes on added significance. 

The party has faced challenges in recruiting former MP Ponguleti Srinivasa Reddy and former minister Jupally Krishna Rao, who was suspended by the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) for engaging in anti-party activities. 

Srinivasa Reddy, hailing from Khammam district, is reportedly inclined to join the Congress party.

BJP’s Attempt to Woo Leaders Meets Resistance

BJP MLA Eatala Rajender, heading the party’s joining committee, could not convince the two leaders to join the saffron party. 

In fact, during their meetings with RajenderSrinivasa Reddy, and Krishna Rao advised him to quit the BJP. 

Rajender and other discontented BJP leaders who joined the party in recent years expressed their dissatisfaction with the current leader, Bandi Sanjay

They called for the central leadership to appoint a new leader.

Setback from Central Leader’s Admission to Party’s Position

Compounding the challenges for the BJP, a senior central leader’s recent statement acknowledging the party’s third position in the state has dealt a blow to the confidence of its members. 

The admission of the BJP’s trailing position has underscored the party’s need to strengthen its base and position itself as a viable alternative to the ruling BRS.

Bandi Sanjay’s Confidence and Preparations

Meanwhile, Bandi Sanjay, the BJP leader in Telangana, visited Khammam to oversee the arrangements for Amit Shah’s public meeting. 

He expressed confidence that the success of this gathering would serve as a resounding response to political rivals questioning the party’s strength in the Khammam district. 

The BRS and Congress party have ridiculed the BJP’s limited presence in the district.

Mobilization Efforts and Allegations

Sanjay announced the formation of a committee comprising senior leaders to ensure the mobilization of many people for the public meeting. 

He urged BJP cadres at the booth level to devise plans for bringing people to the event. 

Sanjay highlighted the recent success of a BJP-organized march by the unemployed in Khammam and stated that other districts also wished to host the Home Minister’s public meeting. 

However, Khammam was chosen to demonstrate the party’s strength in the district. 

Sanjay further alleged that the BRS, Congress, and certain sections of the media had conspired to undermine the BJP’s morale.


The upcoming visit of Union Home Minister Amit Shah to Telangana holds significant importance for the BJP in the wake of their disappointing performance in Karnataka and the looming Telangana Assembly polls.

The party aims to boost the morale of its members and solidify its position as a credible alternative to the ruling BRS. 

With elaborate arrangements for the public meeting in Khammam, the BJP hopes to convey its strength and determination to succeed in the upcoming electoral battle.

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