Exciting Matches at Haryana Football Championship Third-Day Highlights

Exciting Matches at Haryana Football Championship: Third-Day Highlights

Exciting highlights from the Haryana Football Championship’s third day: Intense matches and impressive victories as teams battle for supremacy. 

Bahu Akbarpur Village, Haryana β€“ The third day of the 5-day Senior State Football League Championship, organized by the Haryana Football Association, showcased thrilling matches that kept the spectators on edge. 

The games were held at the football ground of Government Senior Secondary School in Bahu Akbarpur village.

Jhajjar and Rohtak Battle Ends in a Draw

Both sides performed remarkably in a fierce football showdown between Jhajjar and Rohtak, resulting in a goalless draw. 

The players from both teams displayed tremendous skill and determination, leaving the scoreboard unaltered.

Panipat Triumphs Over Dadri

The second match of the day saw Panipat emerge victorious against Dadri with a score of 2-1. 

Panipat’s team showcased their prowess by securing two goals against Dadri’s one, clinching a well-deserved win.

Sonipat Dominates Electricity Board

The match between Electricity Board and Sonipat witnessed a remarkable feat by Sonipat’s team. 

Sonipat managed to net an impressive five goals, while Electricity Board struggled to score any points. 

The final score was a decisive 5-0 victory for Sonipat.

Upcoming Matches on August 6

The football action continues with an exciting lineup of matches scheduled for August 6 at the Government Senior Secondary School in Bahu Akbarpur and Pandit Nekiram Sharma College.

  • 7 am: Panipat vs Rohtak
  • 9 am: Sonipat vs Dadri
  • 4:30 pm: Jhajjar vs Electricity Board

Promoting Football and Fostering Talent

Pandit Lokesh Sharma, the district media in charge of the Haryana Football Association, highlighted the championship’s significance in encouraging football enthusiasm among the youth. 

He emphasized that the event aims to nurture talented players capable of competing nationally and internationally.

Spirited Spectators Boost Morale

On the third day of the championship, they witnessed a large turnout of enthusiastic spectators. 

Their presence and support improved the electric atmosphere, boosting the players’ morale. 

The audience showered the teams with applause, creating an inspiring environment for the matches.

The teams showcase their skills and determination as the championship progresses, making each match a thrilling display of football excellence. 

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from the Senior State Football League Championship in Haryana.

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