Indian Man Selvam Arumugam Wins SGD18,888 Cash Prize at Squid Game-Inspired Event

Indian Man Selvam Arumugam Wins SGD18,888 Cash Prize at Squid Game-Inspired Event

An Indian national achieved a remarkable feat by winning a staggering cash prize of SGD18,888 ($13,969) at a dinner-and-dance event organized by his company.

The event took inspiration from the popular South Korean survival drama Squid Game, in which participants competed for life-changing rewards.

However, unlike the Netflix series, the event did not involve deadly consequences.

Selvam Arumugam

Selvam Arumugam
Selvam Arumugam

The victor, Selvam Arumugam, a 42-year-old rigger and signalman at the heavy vehicle leasing firm Pollisum Engineering, had yet to hear of Squid Game before participating in the event.

Selvam’s daily responsibilities entail inspecting and maintaining cranes and lifting equipment to ensure safe operations at construction sites.

Hosted by Pollisum Engineering last Saturday, the event awarded SGD100,000 ($73,974) in prize money.

Selvam’s windfall amounted to one and a half years’ worth of his salary, highlighting the magnitude of his victory.

Selvam, who had studied until Secondary 1 in India, joined the company in 2015 to financially support his 15 family members back home.

Having already lost his parents and two brothers, Selvam carries the responsibility of caring for their wives, seven children, and his own in-laws.

Expressing his plans for the prize money, Selvam revealed his intention to construct a family home in India, as his loved ones currently reside in a rented flat.

Additionally, he emphasized that a portion of the winnings would be allocated toward educating his brother’s children.

“When I discovered I had won, I could not believe it. So I called my entire family to tell them about this good news,” Selvam exclaimed in Tamil.

“My wife first thought it was a joke until (my friend) spoke to her. After that, all of them celebrate and cry simultaneously. This will be a moment that we will never forget for our entire lives,” he added, his voice brimming with excitement and gratitude.

To recreate the immersive experience of Squid Game, participants at the event were outfitted in red tracksuit jackets with number tags.

At the same time, the game masters donned red hooded jumpsuits, mirroring the characters’ attire in the thrilling drama series.

Selvam’s unexpected triumph serves as a testament to the transformative power of such events, enabling individuals to fulfill their dreams and positively impact the lives of their loved ones.

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