Israelis Like India a Lot, Says Survey

Israelis Like India a Lot, Says Survey

Israelis view India positively, says Pew survey. Growing ties highlight closer India-Israel friendship.

Israelis Think Highly of India

A study by the Pew Research Center says that people in Israel like India more than any other country. 

This shows that India and Israel have become closer friends over the last ten years.

In simple numbers:

  • 71 out of 100 Israelis like India.
  • 20 out of 100 do not like India.
  • 9 out of 100 did not say what they think.

Naor Gilon, who represents Israel in India, is very happy about this.

What Was the Survey About?

The Pew Center in the US wanted to know what people think about India and its leaders. 

They asked people in India and other countries, too.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, they could not ask people face-to-face in some countries since 2019. 

However, now they did.

What Do People Around the World Think of India?

Many people in different countries like India. 

On average:

  • 46 out of 100 people have good feelings about India.
  • 34 out of 100 people do not.

However, when asked about India’s leader, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Israelis were split. 

Some like him, some do not, and some do not answer.

Many people in India feel their country is becoming more powerful and important.

Some Concerns

A report says that the Indian government uses tools from Israel to watch its people. 

This means they can see the personal information of a lot of Indians.

Some groups are worried about this. 

They also feel that there are problems for the press and some groups of people in India.

Still, many people in India like Prime Minister Modi.

India and Israel: Working Together More

India and Israel have been working together more, especially since 2014. 

They help each other in making weapons and training their armies.

Also, India has been buying more weapons from Israel in recent years.

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