Skoda Superb and Kodiaq

2024 Skoda Superb and Kodiaq: A Glimpse into the Future

Unveiling 2024 Skoda Superb and Kodiaq: Discover the blend of modern tech with classic design in Skoda’s upcoming models.

A Blend of Modern and Classic

Skoda has unveiled the interiors of its upcoming 2024 Superb and Kodiaq models, offering a harmonious blend of contemporary and traditional designs. As the automotive world shifts towards digital displays, Skoda ensures that the tactile feel of buttons and knobs is not entirely lost.

The All-New Dashboard

The highlight of the new interiors is the dashboard. Both cars boast a massive display, in line with modern vehicle trends. However, Skoda has retained a few traditional buttons. Three rotary dials with built-in screens accompany these, each diagonally measuring 1.25 inches (32 millimeters). Termed as Smart Dials, they offer users access to many settings.

Smart Dials: A Deep Dive

The utility of these small screens varies with the equipment level. The two outer dials manage the interior temperature and the seat heating/ventilation for the driver and front passenger. The multifunctional central dial controls volume, fan speed, air direction, smart AC, map zoom, and driving modes. A simple press on this dial lets users toggle between functions, and its settings can be adjusted via the infotainment menu.

Infotainment and More

The 2024 Superb and Kodiaq are equipped with a 13-inch touchscreen. A 10-inch digital instrument cluster and a head-up display complement this. A significant change from the previous models is relocating the gear selector to the steering wheel column. This move has decluttered the space between the front seats, enhancing storage.

Distinctive Features

Skoda Superb and Kodiaq
Skoda Superb and Kodiaq

Distinguishing between the Superb and Kodiaq is simple. The Superb sports vertical fins on its dashboard with concealed air vents. In contrast, the Kodiaq showcases more leather on the passenger side and vertical vents. An LED ambient light strip is positioned differently below the central air vents in the Superb and above in the Kodiaq. Both models have a USB-C port in the rearview mirror and offer 15W wireless smartphone charging. Notably, the Kodiaq provides active cooling for two devices.

Classic Skoda Touches

True to Skoda’s signature style, a dedicated compartment in the front door houses an umbrella. Other features include up to four USB-C ports with a 45W power output, an ice scraper, eco-friendly massaging seats, and upholstery crafted entirely from recycled polyester.

The Road Ahead

The Superb and Kodiaq are set to hit the market in 2024. Interestingly, they might be the last new Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) cars from Skoda’s stable.

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