Meet the Brand-New Vegh S60

Meet the Brand-New Vegh S60

Meet the Vegh S60 electric scooter, where top-notch features meet affordability. Explore its powerful battery, safety features, and vibrant color options.

Fresh from the Oven

Hello, electric vehicle enthusiasts! We have got some hot news from the EV India Expo 2023. Vegh Automobiles has just revealed their sparkling new electric scooter, the S60. Trust us, it is something you’ll want to know about, especially if you have been waiting for something fresh and vibrant in the electric scooter market.

Let’s Talk Colour!

Guess what? You have not one but four fabulous color options to choose from! Whether you are a fan of the classic Matt Black or Light Grey or prefer something bright like White or Light Green, Vegh has got you covered. It is about cruising through your city in style, matching your vibrant personality with your ride.

Battery Life that Goes the Extra Mile

Now, let us get to the nuts and bolts— the S60 houses a powerful 3 kWh battery that promises 120 km of smooth sailing on a single charge. Charging it up is a breeze; plug it in for 4-5 hours, and you are good to go! That means less time charging and more time enjoying your rides around town.

Speed it Up or Slow it Down with Ride Modes

We must always talk about the cool ride modes this scooter offers. Three different modes suit your ride style, making your rides in the city or town more controlled and enjoyable. Whether you are a speed demon or a slow and steady rider, the S60 adapts to your pace, offering a top speed of 75 km/h. Yes, it is all about riding it your way!

Safety and Comfort? Yes, Please!

Vegh ensures that while you enjoy all that speed and power, you do so with utmost safety. The S60 features a combined braking system offering you stable and controlled stops. However, that is not all; it promises a comfy ride with its broad seats and a hydraulic suspension system, ensuring every ride is joyous.

A Little Peek into the Future

Hold onto your hats because Vegh is all set to bring an even more upgraded version of the S60 in the coming months. Vegh is trying to keep surprising us with better and enhanced features.

Stepping into a Competitive Arena

We must mention that the S60 has entered a market where many other big names like Ather 450S and Ola S1 Air are already making waves. However, the S60 might carve a niche with its features and price point.

The Vegh Family

For those who prefer a relaxed pace, Vegh has remembered you. They have two more scooters, the S25 and L25, perfect for those leisurely rides around the town with a max speed of 30 km/h.

Wrapping it Up

As we celebrated World EV Day recently, the launch of the S60 could not have come at a better time, showcasing Vegh Automobiles’ commitment to a green and sustainable future. 

So, are you excited to see this new kid on the block? 

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