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Spotify Car Thing Discontinuation Sparks Outrage Among Early Adopters

Spotify discontinues Car Thing, leaving users frustrated. Learn why early adopters are upset and what this means for Spotify’s hardware future.

Spotify is discontinuing its first hardware device, the Car Thing, leaving early adopters feeling abandoned. 

The streaming platform announced that the Car Thing will be wholly deactivated on December 9, 2024.

What is a Car Thing?

Car Thing is a small touchscreen device for older cars without modern infotainment systems. 

It connects to smartphones and car speakers, allowing drivers to control Spotify using voice commands and buttons. 

Launched in 2021 for $80, it aimed to enhance the in-car music experience.


Discontinuation Announcement

Spotify explained that it decided to discontinue Car Thing to streamline its product offerings

Despite the device’s capabilities, Spotify does not offer trade-in options. 

Instead, users are advised to reset their devices to factory settings and dispose of them according to local electronic waste guidelines.


Community Reactions

The announcement has sparked a wave of discontent among Car Thing users on Spotify’s community forum and Reddit. 

Many question why the devices must be bricked if production is halting and demand compensation or alternative solutions.

One user on the Spotify forum, who received 539 responses, expressed frustration: 

“If you don’t make this right and my Car Thing stops working in December, we will switch to Apple Music.” 

Others have asked Spotify to unlock the devices so developers can create their own software.


Customer Sentiment

  • User Concerns: Many users feel punished for supporting Spotify’s hardware venture and are sceptical about future products.
  • Calls for Action: Requests for compensation and the ability to repurpose the devices are standard.
  • Threats to Switch: Some users may consider switching to rival services like Apple Music if the issue is unresolved

Official Response

A Spotify spokesperson stated, “The goal of our Car Thing exploration in the US was to learn more about how people listen in the car. In July 2022, we announced we would stop further production, and now it is time to say goodbye to the devices entirely.” 

The spokesperson did not comment on whether there would be any reimbursement for Car Thing owners.


Summary of Key Points

Launch Date2021
FunctionalityTouchscreen, voice recognition, connects to smartphones and car speakers
Discontinuation DateDecember 9, 2024
Reason for DiscontinuationStreamlining product offerings
User ReactionOutrage, requests for compensation, threats to switch to other services
Company ResponseNo reimbursement, focus on learning how people listen in the car


Spotify’s decision to discontinue Car Thing has led to significant backlash from its users.

As the company moves forward, it remains to be seen how it will address the concerns of its loyal customers and whether this experience will impact future hardware ventures.

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