MRF Share Price Surpasses Rs 1-Lakh Mark

MRF Share Price Surpasses Rs 1-Lakh Mark

India’s leading tire manufacturer, MRF Limited, has achieved a significant milestone as its share price soared above the Rs 1-lakh mark. 

Following the announcement of its fourth-quarter financial results, the company witnessed a spike in its share price. 

The net profit for the quarter stood at Rs 410.66 crore, a substantial increase compared to Rs 156.78 crore during the same period last year.

Share Price Surge

The face value of MRF shares is Rs 10, and it surged beyond Rs 1 lakh to touch a historic high of Rs 1,00,439.95 before retracting slightly below the six-digit mark. 

The MRF share is trading at Rs 99,969.95, demonstrating an increase of Rs 1,001.40 (1.01 percent) from today’s opening price. 

Meanwhile, the NIFTY, the National Stock Exchange’s benchmark index, has risen by 93.05 percent and currently stands at 18,694.55.

Factors Influencing the Surge

MRF’s remarkable performance in the stock market can be attributed to its remarkably low equity base, which is only Rs 4.24 crore. 

The promoter group holds 27.84 percent of the equity. 

Moreover, the company distributed a dividend of Rs 175 per share (1,750 percent) for the fiscal year 2022-23.

Anticipated Milestone

The tire manufacturer’s achievement of crossing the Rs 1-lakh mark was expected after it disclosed its financial results for 2022-23 in May. 

In the fourth quarter alone, it contributed half the total net profit for the entire year, amounting to Rs 816 crore. 

With a year-on-year increase of 163 percent, the net profit for the fourth quarter rose to Rs 410.66 crore from Rs 156.78 crore in the corresponding period of the previous year. 

On the day of this announcement, MRF’s share price rose by 2 percent (Rs 4,908.10) and closed at Rs 93,505, indicating a possible breakthrough of the Rs 1-lakh barrier.

Factors Driving the Performance

The company attributes its impressive financial results to the “easing raw material prices.” 

Rahul Mammen Mapillai, the Managing Director of MRF, explained that the decline in commodity prices reduced the cost of raw materials for the quarter, enhancing profitability.

MRF Sets a New Record

MRF’s share price crossing the Rs 1-lakh mark marks a significant milestone in the Indian stock market. 

On June 13, the stock opened with a gain of over 1 percent, reaching Rs 1,00,050 on the National Stock Exchange (NSE). 

It is worth mentioning that the stock previously touched the Rs 1-lakh mark in the futures segment in May.

Impressive Performance

Over the past year, MRF’s stock has rallied by more than 45 percent. Since its low point of Rs 55,000 in March 2020, the stock has gained an impressive 81 percent. 

Although the stock briefly reached Rs 94,500 in December 2022, it could not sustain that level.

In conclusion, MRF’s share price has reached new heights, crossing the Rs 1-lakh mark and creating history in the Indian stock market. 

The company’s strong financial performance, low equity base, and favorable market conditions have contributed to this remarkable achievement.


What is MRF?

MRF Limited is a prominent tire manufacturer based in India. It is known for producing various high-quality tires for various vehicles.

What does it mean for MRF’s share price to cross the Rs 1-lakh mark?

Crossing the Rs 1-lakh mark means that the price of MRF shares has exceeded Rs 100,000. This is a significant milestone in the stock market and indicates strong investor interest in the company.

What factors contributed to the surge in MRF’s share price?

The surge in MRF’s share price can be attributed to various factors, including the company’s impressive financial performance, low equity base, positive market sentiment, and the announcement of strong quarterly results.

How does MRF’s share price performance compare to the overall market?

MRF’s share price performance has outpaced the broader market. While the NIFTY index represents the overall market and has risen by a certain percentage, MRF’s shares have experienced a remarkable rally, gaining substantial value over time.

How did MRF achieve such a low equity base and high profitability?

MRF’s low equity base and high profitability result from the company’s effective management strategies, efficient cost control measures, and strong market position. The company’s focus on quality products, competitive pricing, and favorable market conditions have contributed to its financial success.

Is this the first time MRF has achieved such a milestone?

This is the first time MRF has crossed the Rs 1-lakh mark in regular stock trading. It had briefly touched this milestone in the futures segment earlier, but this achievement marks a significant moment in the company’s history.

What are the implications of MRF’s share price crossing the Rs 1-lakh mark?

MRF’s share price crossing the Rs 1-lakh mark signifies investor confidence in the company and its growth potential. It also establishes MRF as a significant player in the stock market and sets a benchmark for other companies to aspire to.

What can we expect for MRF’s share price in the future?

Predicting future share price movements is challenging and depends on market conditions, company performance, and overall economic trends. It is advisable to consult financial experts or analysts for a more accurate assessment of MRF’s future share price prospects.

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