Prime Minister Modi Calls a Union Cabinet Meeting Amid New Parliamentary Session

Prime Minister Modi Calls a Union Cabinet Meeting Amid New Parliamentary Session

Catch up on PM Modi’s recent Union Cabinet meeting and the key takeaways from the upcoming parliamentary session – all simplified for you!

Hey friends!

I am here to update you on the latest happenings in our national capital, where important meetings and discussions have occurred. 

Let us break it down step by step!

A New Beginning at a New Venue

Guess what? Our Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha meetings are getting a fresh start at a brand new location! 

Yes, you heard it right. 

The meetings will start this Tuesday in the sparkling new Parliament building. 

Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a detailed meeting with the Union Cabinet to discuss the journey of our parliamentary democracy over the last 75 years—quite a milestone.

A Week to Remember

The Parliament has something special planned for us from September 18 to September 22. 

It is a special session where they will be talking about the rich history of our Parliament, sharing experiences and memories, and learning from the past.

 It will be a week filled with interesting stories and insights. Keep an eye out for updates on this special session!

Bills on the Table

They were now moving on to the serious stuff. 

The special session will also see discussions on some important bills. 

Eight bills are lined up in the Lok Sabha and one in the Rajya Sabha. 

However, the opposition feels that the government must still mention what they plan to discuss. 

Let us hope they come up with a structured agenda soon.

Spotlight on the Advocates (Amendment) Bill

One of the bills that caught my eye is the Advocates (Amendment) Bill, introduced recently in August. 

This bill is all about bringing changes to the existing Advocates Act of 1961.

What is the Buzz About?

Here is the lowdown on the main points of the bill:

  • Identifying Touts: A tout tries to get clients for lawyers and gets paid for it. This bill plans to identify such people and create a list of them. Authorities like high court district judges can make and share this list.
  • Fair Chance: Before someone’s name is added to this list, they will be given a chance to explain themselves. It ensures no one is wrongly accused.
  • Penalty: If someone still engages in tout activities even after being listed, they could face a jail term or a fine. It seems like a firm step to control wrongful practices in the legal field.

Moreover, if you want to dive deeper into this topic, you can check out detailed information from PRS Legislative Research.

Stay Tuned for More Updates

So, there we have it, friends! 

A fresh start at a new venue and many exciting discussions are coming next week. 

Let us stay tuned for more updates. 

It is always good to know what is happening in our country’s democratic journey as it takes new steps forward into a bright future.

Remember to keep the spirit of democracy alive, and let us hope for a session full of fruitful discussions and positive outcomes. 

Till then, take care and stay informed!

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