Rashid Khan The Unstoppable T20 Bowler Faces Setback Against Chennai Super Kings

Rashid Khan: The Unstoppable T20 Bowler Faces Setback Against Chennai Super Kings

Rashid Khan, widely regarded as one of the greatest cricketers in the T20 format, has a remarkable track record of achievements. 

Rashid Khan

Rashid Khan
Rashid Khan

His presence alone on the field can turn a T20 match into a 16-over battle for the opposition. 

Rashid’s bowling skills force the batsmen to play cautiously, opting for singles rather than trying to hit big shots, as the consequences can often result in wickets. 

This was demonstrated in the eliminator match against Mumbai, where his bowling prowess sent Tilak VermaTim David, and Rashid Khan himself back to the pavilion. 

Recognizing his talent, the Gujarat Titans secured his services for a substantial price, and with 27 wickets this season, Rashid is on the verge of clinching the coveted purple cap.

However, Rashid Khan could not significantly impact the final against the formidable Chennai Super Kings

In just three overs, he conceded 44 runs without taking any wickets. 

The fourth over of the innings proved particularly challenging for Rashid, as Hardik Pandya struck him for boundaries, with Conway and Gaikwad adding 17 runs to Chennai’s total. 

Gaikwad hit a powerful six off the last two balls, contributing to Chennai’s overall score of 52 runs in the first four overs.

Hardik Pandya avoided bowling against Rashid following this setback until the tenth over. 

Unfortunately for Rashid, Rahane dispatched the last two balls of his tenth over for boundaries, resulting in 13 runs. 

In the 13th over, Shivam Dubey hit two sixes off Rashid, matching Shane Watson’s record of hitting the most sixes in an IPL season with 35. 

Rashid Khan’s three overs cost him 44 runs, marking his worst performance in over 400 T20 matches. 

Interestingly, the Chennai batters targeted only the last two balls of each of his three overs.

Rashid Khan bowled seven overs in his two IPL finals against the Chennai Super Kings, conceding 68 runs without taking a single wicket. 

However, Gujarat’s other spinner, Noor Ahmed, made a greater impact in the final against Chennai, dismissing both openers for just 17 runs in three overs. 

Unfortunately, Rashid’s batting performance was unremarkable, facing only two balls.

Although Rashid Khan faced a setback against the Chennai Super Kings, his exceptional talent and records suggest he will bounce back stronger in future matches.

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