Rupali Ganguly Aka Anupamaa Celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi

Rupali Ganguly Aka Anupamaa Celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi

“Anupamaa” star Rupali Ganguly shares heartfelt moments from her dual Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations, highlighting family traditions and evolving rituals.

Rupali Ganguly

Rupali Ganguly
Rupali Ganguly

Anupamaa TV serial’s leading lady, Rupali Ganguly, recently showed fans her personal and on-set Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations on Instagram.

With a happy face and marking the occasion, she took to Instagram to share moments from her home, where her son, Rudransh, led the rituals of Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations for the first time. 

Ganesh Chaturthi is a big celebration across India, especially in Maharashtra. 

Many celebrities share their festive moments on social media. 

With so many posts, some might get overlooked, but those that stand out trend. 

Rupali Ganguly, known as Anupamaa, is one such celeb who has grabbed attention.

The actress spoke about the tradition and her family’s ever-evolving way of celebrating this special day.

Dressed in traditional attire, Rupali Ganguly’s posts showcased her home’s festivities. 

The centerpiece of her celebration was a delightful idol of ‘Bal Ganesh,’ painted in blue, which she fondly referred to as “Bappa.” 

Rupali Ganguly
Rupali Ganguly

Her brother, Vijay Ganguly, and her young son, Rudransh, accompanied her in the celebration. 

She affectionately captioned her post with, “Ganguly cha Raja.

This year marked a significant milestone for the Rupali Ganguly family as Rudransh took the lead in performing the Ganpati Puja. 

Rupali, reminiscing about the experience, shared:

“He did not know many things but was diligently trying. It was very sweet and heartwarming to see him follow the rituals.” 

Rupali Ganguly
Rupali Ganguly

Significance of Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi, also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi, is a revered festival celebrated fervently across India, especially in Maharashtra. It marks the birth of Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed god of wisdom, prosperity, and good fortune. For ten days, devotees indulge in prayer, music, and dance, culminating in the immersion of Ganesha idols in water bodies, signifying His return to Mount Kailash.

The festival starts with the installation of beautifully handcrafted Ganesha idols in homes and public pandals. These idols are adorned with flowers and colorful garlands. Devotees offer a variety of sweets, particularly ‘modak,’ believed to be Lord Ganesha’s favorite. Ritualistic prayers, known as ‘aartis,’ are performed morning and evening, with families coming together to seek blessings and celebrate.

In a rapidly changing world, festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi remind us of the importance of preserving and passing down cultural traditions. These traditions connect us to our roots and provide a foundation for the younger generation. It is heartwarming to see how each generation uniquely upholds these age-old customs, ensuring they thrive and enrich our lives.

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