Top Automobile Courses to Pursue After 12th in India

Top Automobile Courses to Pursue After 12th in India

Explore various automobile courses after the 12th in India to jumpstart your career in the ever-evolving automobile industry. Find the best diplomas, degrees, and certifications to suit your passion.


Automobile Courses

Choosing the right career path after completing your 12th standard can be overwhelming, especially with the myriad options available today. 

Pursuing automobile courses after the 12th in India is an excellent choice for those passionate about cars and the automobile industry.

 This blog post will guide you through various courses, their eligibility, duration, top institutes, and career prospects.


Why Choose Automobile Courses?

The automobile industry is one of India’s most dynamic and rapidly growing sectors. 

Technological advancements create a rising demand for skilled professionals in this field. 

Here are a few reasons why you should consider pursuing automobile courses:

  • High Demand: The constant need for innovation in vehicle technology ensures steady demand for qualified professionals.
  • Diverse Opportunities: Careers in the automobile industry range from design and manufacturing to sales and marketing.
  • Attractive Salaries: Skilled professionals in this field can command competitive salaries and benefits.

Types of Automobile Courses

Diploma Courses

A diploma in Automobile Engineering is a popular choice among students. These courses are usually shorter in duration and focus on practical skills.

Course NameDurationEligibilityKey Institutes
Diploma in Automobile Engineering3 years10th or 12th pass with scienceJamia Millia Islamia, Delhi; LPU, Punjab

Undergraduate Courses

For a more in-depth understanding and better career prospects, undergraduate courses in automobile engineering are ideal.

Course NameDurationEligibilityKey Institutes
B.Tech in Automobile Engineering4 years12th with PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics)IIT Delhi, VIT Vellore, MIT Manipal
B.E. in Automobile Engineering4 years12th with PCMAnna University, SRM University, Chennai

Certification Courses

Certification courses can be an excellent addition for those looking to specialize or add specific skills.

Course NameDurationEligibilityKey Institutes
Certification in AutoCAD for Automobile6 months12th passCoursera, Udemy, NPTEL
Certification in Vehicle Dynamics6-12 months12th pass with scienceSAE India, Skill-Lync

Career Prospects

Upon completing an automobile course, numerous career opportunities open up. 

Here are some potential career paths:

  • Automobile Engineer: Involved in vehicle design, development, and manufacturing.
  • Automobile Designer: Focuses on the aesthetics and ergonomics of vehicles.
  • Service Engineer: Responsible for the maintenance and servicing of vehicles.
  • Quality Control Engineer: Ensures the manufacturing process and final products meet quality standards.
  • Sales and Marketing: Involves promoting and selling vehicles and related products.

Top Institutes for Automobile Courses

Several prestigious institutes in India offer top-notch automobile courses

Here are a few:

Institute NameLocationNotable Courses
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)Delhi, Mumbai, etc.B.Tech in Automobile Engineering
Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT)Vellore, Tamil NaduB.Tech in Automobile Engineering
Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT)Manipal, KarnatakaB.E. in Automobile Engineering
SRM Institute of Science and TechnologyChennai, Tamil NaduB.Tech in Automobile Engineering
Jamia Millia IslamiaNew DelhiDiploma in Automobile Engineering


Choosing automobile courses after the 12th in India can be rewarding, offering a blend of technical expertise and diverse career opportunities. 

Whether you choose a diploma, undergraduate, or certification course, it is critical to align your choice with your career aspirations and interests. 

With the proper education and skills, you can drive your way to a successful career in the dynamic world of automobiles.

Remember to consider factors like course content, duration, and institute reputation when making your decision. 

With this comprehensive guide, you are now equipped to take the first step toward a fulfilling career in the automobile industry.


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