Sonia Agarwal Bajaj Unveils Innovative Program Little Future Founders

Sonia Agarwal Bajaj Unveils Innovative Program: Little Future Founders

Explore Sonia Agarwal Bajaj’s Little Future Founders program, empowering kids aged 7 to 12 with financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills for a brighter future. 


Sonia Agarwal Bajaj – Little Future Founders

Sonia Agarwal Bajaj, an advocate for educational innovation, unveiled her latest initiative this week. 

Little Future Founders is a ground-breaking financial literacy and early entrepreneurship program designed to democratize financial education and foster an entrepreneurial spirit among children aged 7 to 12.

Little Future Founders is built on the belief that financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills should be accessible to all children. 

The program aims to give them the tools to succeed in an ever-evolving economic landscape and enhance their problem-solving skills

Recognizing that every child learns differently, this initiative will be the first financial literacy program that allows children to choose from math-based activity books and business guides. It will simplify over 15 frameworks to help children navigate their big dreams and soon-to-launch storybooks

Additionally, the program offers online sessions in small groups.

The program’s mission is to simplify financial learning and make it fun and engaging for children. 

It features many interesting characters: Ollie the OctopusBenny the BeaverBella the BeeMarvin the Macaw, and Ms. Chipper

It also highlights real-life inspiring child entrepreneurs, including:

  • Priyali Shahra (8 years old), known for Sticky Fun Slime
  • Nyrika Handa (8 years old)
  • Trigya Saraf (6 years old), known for T.S Soaps
  • Veer Mehta (8 years old), known for Green Fingers
  • Vinisha Umashankar (15 years old), known for Solar Ironing Cart
  • Hreya Modi (5.5 years old), known for Hrezo Mezo Chocolates

These young entrepreneurs serve as role models, offering true inspiration for both parents and other children alike.

“With Little Future Founders, our goal is to spread financial literacy and ignite a spark of entrepreneurial thinking in children. 

By democratizing this learning and ensuring that the program is playful and fun, we hope to transform lives and give India its next Ratan TataMukesh AmbaniFalguni NayarGhazal AlaghAzim Premji, and Nandan Nilekani,” said Sonia Agarwal Bajaj

“We believe that by providing these essential skills early in life, we can empower the next generation to build a better future for themselves and their communities.”

The program is set to launch live with a series of online and in-person events. 

The launch of Little Future Founders marks an important milestone in early childhood education, addressing significant financial literacy and entrepreneurship education gaps.


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